Friday, November 28, 2008

Flight of Phoenix

Day before yday when I reached home my friend had swithched the news channel and sitting in a state of shock.
I just glimped to the boobtube and there I could see the horrified scene of India's glory hotel in fire.
Terror again in India..
Again in Mumbai and this time in top hotels.Flipping thru other news channels , everywhere it was the same. World is kinda shock.The agony .. The pain.. Everything was there in the air. Faces are kinda shocked.
The road wherepeople use to walk easily with a vadapavu, the stock brokers in their index thought, cab drivers wishing for a higher now with soldiers with submachine gun..

Explosions are heard..
Been following this news from various channels...Our soldiers are good.. we are prepared for this. They have redefined what is bravery..
Just saw the trident fight is over.

One thing I am sure..
This is Mumbai.. This is where India begins... and we are not ready to end anywhere. We will grow .. We will strike back.. We are the new Phoenix.

All we need the Magic word.

Mera Bharat Mahaan.

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