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Indian Cricket-World cup Performance

Well I was a kinda bit frustrated... well thatz not the right word... thatz something I used when I was single and in mid 20's!;).. But something like that ....when we ( when it comes to sports, we is just an abbreviation for Indians, India, Hindustan.. ) lost in Cricket! world cup!
So I just express with few key strokes!
( well the people I expressed here had changed a lot after this incident.. Not sure someone fwd this mail to them ... )
Bless to all...

Indian Cricket-World cup Performance
Midsummer Cricket Dream As far as I remember , Cricket was like , sort of my best friend.

I still remember during my early school dayz , we would pray for one of the teachers to get sick, it was not because we don't like him... it was just because we adore Cricket, so that we were allowed to play during that period. Or maybe the death of a prominet leader.. so the school is set free.. and the game continues..

When the school bell rings,we would run from the class, not because the last period was boring , or to get the seat in the school bus.. but to secure the best pitch in the school ground.During the weekends our roads were the most promising stars of the neighbourhood.

Eventhough the windows panes, car doors are not strongly insured, still the spirit was all over there.Summer ..we never knew sun was hot. we knew we could still play atleast couple of quarters after the twilight zone.

We know how painful when the leather makes the bruise . The Carpentering skills to make our own cricket bat from the coconut tusks and wickets from the possible twigs lying around was unexplainable.Collecting SportStar, Sports week, News paper cutouts,Collecting Cards, Note books, name labels, Tiffin carriers, Room wall .. It was full of people from the world of cricket.. It was a world of Nothing but Cricket.

And when there is a Cricket telecast in TV , it was like Oh! god please .. let this go for hours and hours and hours.. watching replay, and thinking ..Next time I am going to do that.. next time my first four gonna be like that..

Next time at gully I will dive like this... Is he the reincarnation of someone.. how can he do that... For cricket nothing hurts... the Spirit spurts.. It was like Magic.Well If I can replace the 'I' letter with a word ' We million' of cricket loving indians,, I think the prose is just the same... I grew up like this. My friends.. my Cousins.. My Neighbours.. My acquaintances.. My rivals.. My brothers in other part of this great Nation.. He..She.. Them.. They.. You .. Me ...WE.

Well I am 35 year old now and working for a MNC in The Netherlands. Here we have Sun for practically 4 months a year.
Other days we have rain , winter dayz, winds,snow,Hails..
But the spirit of Cricket is still there. We use to play with Tennis ball Indoor.. When the Summer starts, with the other Indian families we start the summer with a game of cricket .. Another word for social gathering was cricket. Everyone , Everywhere..Enjoyed ..

For the last 2 years , I am also playing for the league in the fouth division. Well itz a low division , but spend one full Sunday in the Pitch.Can't explain the joy, no matter when I go for a duck or I threw a no ball. It was cricket in the vains...

It was the spirit of White and White in Green fields with the red ball against the beige wickets and a whole rainbow of EnthusiasmDiscussing with our friends about Cricket, explaining to the hardcore foot ball Dutch fans the game of cricket and the fun of cricket...

During this world cup , we knew that ARY is telecasting the world cup cricket in Europe. Well we got this news days..weeks.. months.. back...So we were like.. wow ! back to good 'ol days.. Told our managers for the short days we will taking during some office days.. So installed a Dish at the roof top, ordered for the Digital card and waited and waited for the big day.Finally the Big day arrived.

We sat in front of the TV watching the nation playing against Bangladesh. We were sitting in ease.. cracking jokes , still all the eyes on the tube. But then we started realizng , the people we are admiring , adoring..

Nothing seems to be like what we are reading in the newspapers, the articles what were are checking, the old videos what were seeing in youtube. The Advts.

Hey, something wrong in this picture.
Finally after the match, we console ourselves and said, Well Bangladesh might be a bad team before.. but now they practiced .. the kids are also part of our sub continet. They got the same kind of spirit. So maybe is it because of this.. Maybe... Hmm.. Not a Valid reason.. but a valid console..

But then when we saw India playing against Bermuda ,we were like .. yes.. the phoenix had risen... The 'boys' shown what is cricket. Lots of Runs.. World record.Well itz Bermuda, the kids of cricket.. We know.. you know.. Millions know. Still..
It is India. Victory. party time.
But then when we played against Sri-Lanka..
We said, Oh! finally we could go to Super 8. But then .. But then ..The same picture.. This time the sub-continet console was like dust in the wind.. 'cos we got to win this, atleast to go to the Super8. I mean we the Cricket Enthuthiasists were like .. What the...No ! No! there is something wrong here.

Our players are having the most adorable fan world out of any sports from any nation. No Doubt.From the hardcore downtown in Mumbai to the One TV village in Tamil nadu , All loves the Cricketing nation of India.
We pray for them.. We love them... We smile for them.. We cry with them...We buy what they buy.. We use what they use.
Still what went wrong here ...

Sachin might be a good player... Sehwag might be a good hitter... Agarkar might be good bouncer..
Did I stress the word 'might' . Depends how your mindset is .
Well it is YES for me.And it should be read in Times New Roman , Bold, Italic and atleast 75 font size ! Yes.. it is MIGHT.

Yes.. we are a cricket loving nation. we want our country to perform.. not getting the cup or be the champion.
But to perform well. Perform ..
That's the key word.If the team can't perform, keep people who can perform.
There are people out there, who can perform. Sachin 10 years back might not be the same now.

Greymatter matters. Resilience matters. Is this some sort of mockery to hundreds of millions of Indians. Is the selection committee ( I know the abbreviation very well!) .

Is it just like a corporate where they decide, who should play, who should retire, who should fly, who should sail ,who should watch from the pavillion! Are we expecting our team now and the Veteran team now the same!

I am seeing some good cricket from Australia, Sri-Lanka,West Indies,South Africa.. I might continue watching the world cup with my friends. ( Well we might not wearing our blue T-Shirt)
But , I think I don't want to spend lot of time now reading any news about India Playing, or our team selection news, or any comments from the players about the performance and not going to buy what they are trying to sell...

These guys .. are for something rather than good cricket. Positive Cricket.

But I will teach my son how to play cricket and I will play cricket even though we have only few good sunny days here, because I happend to be a true cricker lover just like my brothers and sisters of one great Nation , India.

I will use my satellite to watch some Indian channels. Bollywood rising..South Singing..
-Noby Tharian

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