Friday, November 7, 2008

Tony's first mail

This I wrote around 4 yrs back, when my first son was born.. Well my first attempt of C & P ;)
God bless the person who invented( or was it discovered accidently) Cut and Paste ;)

Here it goes..

Hi all

Well I don't know how many of you knows me , but I know almost all of you. Well I been hiding in an another world for last 9 months, and finally my pop and mom decided to take me out. But I use to listen to their conversation, and so I know all of you by names very well. Even I'd heard many of you from this another world.

Any way , With the help of some white dress 'ladies' , finally I came out on 10th July 2004, at 18.14 hrs. It was too bright when I came out and seeing all the people staring at me , so without any hesitation I just cried.. But strange enough hearing that my pop and mom were very happy and they were also crying. So I cried more. They too cried more. I cried again .. they too...

Man this is cool! imitating me or miming me! Well ! Shall I keep quite or not ? So I kept quiet ... they were smiling ... My mom was thanking jesus. My Pop too amd he was running around with his digital camera taking pix of mine.

I was like a VIP and I was enjoying every bit. Suddenly my pop came and cut this chord like thing from my body . It did'nt hurt!. They cleaned me as if I had a marathon.. I did'nt mind and I don't want to cry again and do the same drama. So I just kept quiet and was kept my eyes shut but my ears open. Suddenly this lady , 'so called Nurse' , took me and put me on a weigh scale. hmm! it read 2.97 kgs. Hmm..I was expecting less. well I think I had too much water last 9 months.
Nobody told me to diet ! So what can I do .. Well I had my new dress, the mid wife , Pauline was doing some kind of makeup to me, which I enjoyed!! She even a got of good smile which I enjoyed more! My dad too was enjoying the smile! ;) Well I did'nt tell my mom 'bout that!. So I was thinking .. what will they call me. Well maybe I will use a name starting with S ..

No ...maybe T. Suddenly I heard this so called 'Dad' saying , his name is Antonio. hey hey...!! Who is this guy to name me .. I can understand that he is taking pictures and helped me come out. But to name me. That is completely another issue !! Who gave him the Authority. And my mom also said yes his name is Antonio.

Now I need a DEMOCRATIC decision here. So I said .. No I want my name to be Mr.Z. No one was listening. I tried for couple of minutes... I was shouting "hey I am Mr.Z and call me Z".. Finally I gave up ! Well Antonio is not such a bad name. Well the meaning is 'Highly praiseworthy'. It came from a Roman clan name. In the 17th century, the spelling Anthony was associated with the Greek anthos meaning flower.

So I said myself , after all this is okay. I like this name. I am going to keep this. So now on all of u can call me Antonio. ( But dear all....I been listening to my dad amd mom all these months deciding a name for me.. I really liked that name. So this shouting and Mr.Z were just I was making a story to fool all of you ...) Any way lotz of people were coming and taking pix. For a moment I thought is this a hospital or a photo studio.

After couple of hours I was told to go to the place where my mom and dad are staying. Someone told itz also my home now. BUT ..BUT..! I am not going to pay the mortgage of a house which I have'nt seen! I don't mind giving it for free or allowing me to stay there for free... ;)

Well at home they were some other people welcoming us. I entered , again pictures.. Well this is too much for me. Now I have to react! Cry won't help much... because If I cry now all the people will also cry ... so I should do some other trick! I got it! I pooped! let me check what they are going to do now ! Are all of them going to poop or not!?!! But this was unbelievable for me !!! All were happy to see my poop.

My pop even took a picture of that. Well my pop and mom cleaned my ass. That thing called wipes was pretty cold and soft. I like that.. I need more of that.. So I will poop more!! Any way I heard Dad opening a champagne. Am I going to get a glass.. atleast a sip..maybe a drop.. how about smell.. Can I see the bottle? Nothing happened!! I went to the top floor and I saw this room of mine. But still " I am not going to pay the mortgage...ok.. " My mom took me to the bed and laid close to her body. Hmm.. I felt so good.

The best part so far ..... Well I think I got to sleep now.... It was a long day for all of us... So I just slept peacefully , thanking God. ok! That was my first day. Well every day there is something new for me. But I will write that some other day.

Well I am using my Dad's e-id. I just know his password, so hacking is not big deal! I heard my dad was telling someone the password is very complicated and hard to find. To be frank he just used my name and my date of coming as his new password.
Duh! Complicated!!! I will tell him how a password should be. "Take the logarithm of your date of birth and concatenate with last three words of your name gotcha?"

So don't get surprise when you get more mails from me through my Dad's e-id.
Peace Antonio

Origin and Meaning of First Name AntonioWhat is the ethnic origin?English

What does it mean?Variant of Anthony: Highly praiseworthy. From a Roman clan name.
In the 17th century, the spelling Anthony was associated with the Greek anthos meaning flower.

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