Friday, November 7, 2008

What to ...

What to write first... Can I say "let there be light " ..well itz been said long long time back!

Few years back when i browse thru any search engine( well larry was still rich then), the name blog was kinda anonymity for many.. But now blog is kind of weapon , mass media, u r space for free expression...

My friends were asking me, can't u blog ..I said why not? All i have to do is what , atleast a billionpeople do every day(other than gossiping)..The one and only cut and paste!
Yup! C&P.
Don't know what to put first.. well digged here and there , got few mails i wrote from my son's initial days are old news.. On a long run, will try for the latest.
maybe some poem i did when i am busy durin my work ;)
Don't show this to my exboss. Now he knows why the project took so looong ;)


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