Friday, November 7, 2008

Tony's second mail

Dear all,
itz more than one month over i been to this world.. 41 nights and 40 days..

what all things happened..( I am also following up the Athens Olympics..Interesting ...specially the beach volleyball ;)Well I touched 4 kgs a week back.
Dad and mom were pretty happy. And I know this is my best chance I can eat like this.The trick is simple. If u want to eat , no matter u r hungry.

The magic word is 'cry..cry...cry'No matter whether itz in the middle of the nite , early in the morning , mid day , dad/mom sleeping, they watching TV, they are discussing wall street( atleast the street where I live)..what ever the case is ..this always works.
Cry and YOU get food.

The best part is I told my Dad the same trick. so last week back , in the middle of the nite, he cried and cried..
But somehow mom put some clothes to his mouth to shut up!So I think either his cry was wrong, or the time ..maybe the pitch.. or he must have scared every1 with the cry.

I did'nt see him trying this trick after that!

Well other wise, I became 'little' taller than before.
I can see things, even though I can't recogonize many by face other than my Mom.when dad is not around , mom shows me a ball and tells me both looks alike! to make sure that I don't miss my Dad during day time.
But I can easily differentiate with my Dad and a ball.A ball is not that shinning as my Dad's head and a ball got atleast air inside!

Regarding travelling , I been to the Hague and Rotterdam for small visits.
The trip was good. Been to a chinese/Thai restaurant too in mean time. was expecting some Schezwan , had some Babymilksczwan!

Went to the local health dept, saw couple of my aged guys/gals. Looks like everyone know the 'cry' trick.If my Dad had tried this trick there, he would got a free 'shot' from the doc ;)

Regarding Visitors, Lotz of people dropped by.

Dear all thanx a lot for the lovely presets.I want to thank each one of you , but please take this mail as my personal thank you note.The presents are lovely. I am enjoying every single unit of your appreciable value.Thanx a ton to each one of you...

Regarding pictures, Dad is a crazy guy taking pix of me. If I move to right, he will take pix, if i sleep with one eye closed, he will take pix, if i lie still he will take .
If I make faces he clicks..Lsst day something funny happened.

I burped and he video recorded it!can't believe this. Hey baldy , Don't I have a freedom of expression without coming on the camera...Actually I want to ask that.. or sometimes I want to thrash his head with the camera..
But looking at his head which resembles mine and I know he want to keep all the good moments I am doing now. so i told him , hey popz, relax and rock.

My granny and my uncle are here now.
I play with them a lot. In the nite or early in the morning , I always wonder where is my dad is , All I can see is my mom, uncle and grand ma!I wonder that snoring i hears is from him .. well have to figure it out when I start to crawl!

What all I learned in these 40 days:
-U can play and cry 24/7 , no one complaints.
-if you sleep for more than 4 hrs, u will be forcefully awaken and food is ready , so u will never
miss any food.
-When othersy make any sound, and if I respond, all are happy.
-When I sleep and if others make any sound, all are worried.-When all of us make sound, the
neighbours are worried.
-I can make any faces, the photograph are taken!
-Even if I make any irritated sound, all are happy.-The food is always warm and taste the same.
-I can pee and poop 24/7 and is always cleaned within minutes.
-The Nurse came on the 7th day and gave me a shot! man! thatz what I called pain. This time I
cried so bad, I was expecting more food , but the amount seems to be the same!
-They also checked my hearing test , and looks like I passed.
-Dad plays some guitar for me , even though itz so boring, but I will just make a fake smile and makes him happy....just kiddin..!

I also got my Indian Passport. So I am a proud Indian now. My photograph was not that impressive.. So I am not going with that for any Visa Stamping.

Mom and dad pray every nite with me. One true happy moments.I can hear dad saying that " oh! my lord, i still have not told them...I have not emailed them.. "The news is about me comin to this world.But I know itz always there in his mind, but he is so busy these dayz , so somehow it slips. so don't think that he has forgotten , nothing like that , he still remember each one of you...

Well thatz all for now.. Looks like I am bit hungry now. well I am goin to cry... ;)

so until next...
take care and peace


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