Monday, November 10, 2008

Cholestrol confessions

Well not sure when I wrote this .. Def. not a decade back! well reading this mail now and lookin myself hm..not poles apart. but atleast from equator to the tropic of cancer!First I thought , shall I post this.. well atleast while browsing if I come to see this, Def. I willput on my gear and head on to my local gym!No worries.. More Calories!

Went to the doc today.. Contrary to what the lady in the reception said, My results are good. ( she said yday it was not good over the phone)My cholestrol is 6.2 .. Which is ok by looking my prev results. ( last 4 yrs)
And the good news is For one year

He said I am young , there is no point of taking medicine for the rest of your life from now..
What I like was , he said I am ' young'.. And what I did'nt like it was it was 'He' who said!

My diabetic is pretty good.. I can panchari adi to the core ;) so all the ladies beware!

Then My SGPT and SGOT are good. And I knew it .. Because actually I stopped taking my vastine tablets some time back.. Because even though it improves my HDL, I knew it is not good for my liver enzymes. ( checked in rx factor for astrovasitine years back)..

Not sure about the spelling 'bout the a'vasitine.I was taking this for 4 years..

And every time my SGPT and SGOT were not good .. (SGPT enzymes is released into blood when the liver is damaged. So even with a Virus this can happen.. And also with vasitine)

Anyway I stopped my medicine for sometime , even though no one knows about it , I was telling every1 I was taking that,( I take like 1 in a fortnight because I wanted to prove that I can reduce my cholestrol with my diet and workout..and want to show my SGPT/SGOT is good.
And I PROVED ! Ha !

So My liver is good now. All can call me Ente karale .. I don't even mind calling me Ente muthe after that!

Maybe that was the reason I like the song, Karaley, karalinte Karaley.. ;) Anyway SGPT and SGOT are good. My good choestrol is low and my bad cholestrol is High ( it should be the other way !) . My tri-glyceride is good. Earier it was really bad. Was over the border(Not Allen) ..

So was reading every day those ppt mails presenting with subjects like " what to do when u get a Cardiac inside a Cadillac " What to do when u get a stroke( I mean a brain stroke ;) .

Anyway my Tgl is good now.. The doc said I can have one or two glass of whisky every day ( I want to ask him , can I have in a BIG glass ;)
Like those BEER glasses which hold a pint easily! but he said QUIT SMOKING.. Even though it is one or two a day , QUIT QUIT.
Actually I want to intro him to the CEO of marlboro.. Want to soften his QUIT!

Bottom line:
This healthy person , who is very rich, does'nt smoke, drink and workout every day. He got 6 packs, healthy, whatever … (remember the song what a man! What a man .. What a mighty young man)
He got his own beach in Bahamas. He was having his tender coconut( not even a Pina colada) in his own beach and enjoying the sunset , suddenly a coconut fell on his head and he died ;) .
He was 29.
So what to happen will always happen..

I think u all got what I am trying to tell ;)

Be good.. Do good… Drink.. Smoke.. Eat.. Workout.. diet.. Smile… laugh…
work… sleep…dream… play.. E-mail..

Peace out

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