Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Fighting Cold!

When I watch the documentary Earth, was wondering how animals really takes the cold.
specially during those dark days at polar regions.

Now with winter almost coming near.. last days of autumn are really so dark. when i get up it's dark..when i brush it is dark.. when i lunch it is dark.. when i have the evening tea itz dark.. imagine goin home and watchin dark knight.. thatz mole on a mountain!

Yesterday I saw this person who was just wearing a t-shirt.. I was like with a t-shirt, shirt, jacket, shawl, cap,gloves,socks, inners.. with 2 paracetamol on my veins.. still shivering...so was wondering what can be the reason for some people who cannot be cold..feel cold.. what is cold...well came up with many reasons in 3 minutes..

can be booze.. spirit sometime makes your blood thicker..
can be joint..it just eats up all ur nerves ...
allergic.. some people can be allergic to warm clothes..
leper.. they don't feel anythingexhibition..some people just want to show them.
poverty.. they can't afford it
absent mind.. forgot to take their warm clothes...
macho- aha! u know what I mean !
normal- a person coming from still a more colder region this might be normal.
who cares... some people just don't care whatz happening around them..
busy.. some people are just busy.. forgot to protect ..not the protective..

Well , even there were even something more..

Just was mailing to my best buddy about a movie.. came with up with a title following an incident!

"the day earth stood still.. people start throwin pop corns to two crazy indians!"

I think the paracetamol started effecting me..
.neurons are not that subjective these days...

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