Friday, February 27, 2009

Slum Pet Billionaire !

Over the days and over the media, I could see everywhere about the Slummie and the Kids on the block!
I saw Slum Dog Millionaire around the mid of December. Was just browsing and this name just hit my eye
and when I look the cast it was from India and the director was D.Boyle. Oh! I love that Trainspotting and
28 days later movie .. So was wondering ! wow! Boyle with some bollywood cast.. got to see this.
Got this caffeine kinda addiction on movie dloading too!!, so just googled for some torrent and lo! Here is the one.

Got the complete mv in 2 days time and then I thought let me watch. called my wife and friend and in go! Watched it and wow ! that was the word. We spoke about it.. we said .. that was a pretty impressive one. So told my goodie friend , who is also a good movie critic. She too said , she liked it a lot! Later after two weeks all the nominees started coming,
hype, media attention ,blogs, attention..

Now there been big talks from small mouth, small talks from big mouth but a lot of
loose senseless talk from all kinda mouth ! Whites are exploring Indian's slums!, they call the the slum people Dog!
The colonization have begun again ! and then last week when the Slummies sweeped the Oscars ! I was like . this is pretty cool..
But the spark of debate just startd ! Can't believe what people are telling , what media is editing , what the narrator is narrating.
Either they are pretty sad that their names are comin at page3 , so need something blunder to yell so that
itz on #1! Talking about slums! Come on ! Bolywood been showing worse than this!

One actress was yelling about this. Her complaint was this is not the actual India!
But this is the same actress played as a single teenage pregnant, some time back. Oh! I did'nt knew that was the real India!

When City of Joy was released it was the same kinda outcry .. But Calcutta was so neatly shown ..
Decades back when Pather Panchaali was released, the same outcry was there.. this is not India. the poverty is exploited. Hey I am talking about 1955. Now , this is, 54 years later. We still got poverty. We still slums. We still got our culture and We are rising or was it shining ?.
Learn to admit what is happening around us. It is not that who made this movie/ Whether it is white, black , brown or Mr.Green , Appreciation is a nice trait.

Some were sad about the music. AR have done better than this.. This is not good.. Not good ?? Duh!
Nothin is good until a better one come.. So what .. He will make better , so do you want him to get oscar every time ! or Just because we can't make a movie a like this , does'nt mean that any outsider making a movie about India, should be in a mall and a big f* hotel ( can read in both sense! )

Watch Final Solution to see what is hatred! or Shocking Asia ! The girl who was shown in the documentary Born into brothel(2005 oscar) , she is still a prostitute in Bengal. Hello! do I need an sms to all to help her.
Now where are the people who shouts about India.?

I think I am getting some ideas , can't say conclusion.. a kinda prologue!
'bout the movie , I think it shows love and Hope. Also it showed the sky rocketting , not mentioning the scrapers in Mumbai.
and regarding the debates 'n out cry.... I think we are the real racists....

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