Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Frontier, Forbidden and fruitfulness

Crossing the border line or frontier of your feelings.. itz rather a concealed thought. and thoughts are always hidden. sometimes you , yourself could try to run from yourself.. all ,except that hidden thoughts might follow you .. not might.. it will.. it should.. after all itz hidden.. most of the times . it will just overhaul you and turn back and give you a wild grin..
All you can do is just stare it ... Itz kinda art of stare..

Either you enjoy or you get stoned from it or the culpable thought stubs you.
Saw this somewhere...
Never explain yourself to anyone
because the person who likes you does'nt need it,
the person who dislikes you won't believe it !
Well thatz very inspirational.. but coming to your own sphere of your own conscious ..The act of your hidden thought might burst at that very point of time.. a time which can't clock anywhere.
That time , you are in a state of trance or kinda tunnel vision..
Even If, the far bright light at the end of tunnel might look like a furious red eye of a dragon.

Still ...Yet.. ... You don't run from the scope of that creeping voice of that cold blood animal.You don't try to stop the roar of the beast .You don't hide from the stampede of it .
Your brave heart(even if you were a coward in reality) just keeps you there.. The creepers of your thoughts crawls all over ..
The Adrenaline rush , provokes all over the grey matter.. and then.. you just choke and lie numb.. The Sprite.. the immortal sprite awakes...

You just gaze and see the Spiritual Spritual battle.. and it stays there... eyes wide open..
You just unconfined the atrocious image of yourself!

You might sleep... the plants lying at the corner of your living room sleeps..
your neighbour who slams with his heavy metal music all day long sleeps. The dictator who wants to demolish the faith of kingdom sleeps. The terrorist leader who wants to augment  his faith with the use of bullets and fire sleeps..

But // But // but the devil inside you is now awake..
either you should make her sleep for ever ( don't want to debate a chauvenistic thought here !) or you
should kill her. No one ever tried.. No one wants to. No one dares to..

Don't know why?

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angel said...

perfect idea of showing feminism referring "her" for evil!!! :-)


why wud anyone want to tame the inner self with a fringe of evil in it?? its a secret pleasure anyone can have...isnt it