Friday, January 29, 2010

New Fear !

People use to have fear of flying.. fear of being upthere. fear of being sucked by an airpocket...

fear of turbulence... fear of not getting not more than two 60ml of whisky.. well itz all
fear , 30,000 ft above sea level in a close compartment!
For me .. it was like .. Fear of being fool for one more time..;)..another one more time !
well same place.. different time..

I'd met with different experiences... well not much an artifact.. but some inane , almost close to insane!

It was sometime back I was flyin from Zurich to Bombay(then Bombay.. Now Bombay.. and Tomorrow Bombay)

I got this aisle seat with a middle seat and the window seat next to me. After few minutes, this good looking young Indian girl came and sat on the window seat. She kept her bag on the middle seat. It was way before 9/11 , so no suspicious thoughts!  I did'nt have anything to keep , so I kept my mind over the bag !  And I told her. Pray for no one to occupy this seat, so that 'we' can travel in leisure.

What I meant , if I yawn stretching my hands, instead of hitting someon'e face, this might just a brush on the hair ;) and she nodded and gave a smile.

Plane began to move. No one in the middle seat. Looked around for a doctor lookin guy, in case of a cardio , how to tell this girl to give a CPR to me..  Did saw some guys reading Financial times, not understanding a word in it, just to impress the air-hostess  and the lady on his eye-view!
Damn! I should've take some FT paper or even that French newspaper. All I have now , is the instruction guide of survival and a duty free magazine. Duty free mag.. was a good option.. but then I don't want to paper shop!
Anyway I was lookin for a pick up line. So just said , wow! seems god heard our prayers. 'Our' was stressed!
Just to convince now 'we' as a team for the next 9 odd hours!
She was doin' her studies in Swiss and I explained my work in Amsterdam and as usual my old jokes , which I'd by hearted before boarding! There comes the air-hostess. Asked for the drink. Request Bacardi and 2 ice. She insist for cola and I politely said , No, Just on rocks will be fine. ( never been so polite to even my family parish priest!) I know this polite will get me another 2 more ;)

The little monitor shouts the movie will be starting in another 5 minutes.
Well took the head-phones, chose the channel , even though my eyes was focused on the girl's screen.
In between exchanging smiles!

Movie started. I glued.
Got the next Bacardi. Again on rocks. The lady is getting prettier. Movie is getting blurred. Plane is still. and I thought! oh ! now she is impressed. with 2 bacardi and still chillin! Easy as a bird.

Got the next Bacardi. Now the air-hostess know what and how much.aha! But this time there was a stirrer in it. the little plastic twig ;) ...I just took the glass and took a sip and at that point of time.. this stirrer went
all the way into my nose. Even the most fast bacteria can't go inside that fast.
All I did was a big yell! from the top of my lungs!
No more blur! Plane is moving very fast. The girl looks the same as she boarded. She almost jumped from her seat , hearing my yell. She took out the head phones. Tears were rollin down my eyes , like water droplets at the edge of umbrella. one nostril look little reddish/purplish than other!
The next 5 hrs was one of the longest journey I'd ever had !

I don't know whether they have a term for 'fear of stirrers'.. well I had for few years!


Josu said...

Had a good laugh! It should have pained...

angel said...

stirr up knobz....come on....
ha ha good one...