Thursday, August 20, 2009

Perspective under the tent

I always think how to define that.. is there any particular period defined for that..
Or is it just few memoirs where you would wish, to be back and/or swing with it again..

Anyway last day I'd gone with my son to see Circus. aha! now you know
why I started with Nostalgia. Well when I told my son I am taking to Circus,

I remembered my dad telling me , son! I will take you to circus and I knew the
joyance I drift across. I remembered ,me sitting in the front in our old
ambassador car, blue, driving thru the so said traffic.

The Tent was huge and the smell of animals, from dung to young , The roar somewhere
behind the tent, the huge search light , the candy man selling peanuts, so called ticket
not affordable kids running around the tent lookin for a sneak in, the so called first row kids
lookin around for the candy man ...

Once the light was off, we all were curious to see animals, the Jeep, the clowns, the Jump, the cage...
We were laughing hysterically, We were gasping , the animals looks terrific, applause.
All were happy. What a nice family.
Wish I was there with them in Circus.

This time when I went to Circus, except the color of the car, everything was different.
And , it was not in India.
Tent look small. No animal smell. No search light. No kids lookin to creep.The candy people
were sellin the same candy like in supermarket. or somewhere better.

As the light switched off, the band started playing. I could acquaint many tunes , unless my old days where I enjoy only the rolling of drums.
Here I could roll with the different instruments.

But one thing I noticed was the people. The Trapese artist, the juggler, the Tamer, The clown.
I was checking their expression. Melancholy clouds. or was it I hallucinating.
I tried not to. Even the smile on their face look forged. The animal looks
frightened. The artists longed for applaud. The clown frowned behind the curtain.
The Manager's eyes looks shrewd.

Everyone was operational. Everything was perfunctory.
Some pre functioned puppets.

But again in the crowd, the kids were still laughing. Enjoying. gasping. applauding.
All were happy. What a nice audience.

Wish I could be kid again. All I could see, then, was the simplicity of life.

After another odd years If I see circus again , I think I will enjoy like those kids.
Like when I was a kid.
Then there is no Nostalgia.

Reminiscence is there..Only.. when you store things in yourself.

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