Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Driving through the GM diet

Long read. Not an requisite though! had some time today to scribble.

When health is lost everything is lost, unless your ferrari is still good!

Last one week i've been goin thru a diet called GM diet ...Yes GM also makes diet other than cars and trucks.
I googled about the diet and I said, well itz a matter of a week time!
If god can create the whole universe in a week, Y not me doin' a diet @ the same episode.

Sunday after having couple of blend and late dinner with some turkish Doner,
Monday I was ready for the GM.

Today the whole day I have to feed on fruits.

Want to hear the song Manic monday jingling with the bangles over the bed ;).
The scale said 77.4 , which is unusually a bit higher. Usually Mondays I am a bit
overweight , blaming few incidents, ensued, 48 hrs earlier!;)

I started with a bottle of water and a bite on water melon. Whole day I have to
depend on fruits. No coffee. no sugar. By evening I was like a mobile fruit vendor!
Since monday's I have a day off, midday , I even had a nap, which usually I spend on boobtube or bills.

A Nap. Fruits makes you sleep or what?.

For dinner, first time in my whole life , I had only fruits!
Even when I was in the hospital(not as a Visitor!) I had some porridge with some delicate curry!
There is also something called GM wonder soup, with some onions, cabbage and can have unlimited.

Well I did'nt give the soup a try. Water. Thatz my soup. Easy to prepare! Easy available. Purifier.
Tuesday is the day of vegetables. Started with carb, baked potato.( which I had prepared the prev night)
I weighed first and scale shows 75.2. wow ! 2.2 kgs in a day ! Fascniating!
aha! Potato never ever tasted so sweet in my life. Even checked whether it is branded.Can't be this sweet!
The carb was the sweetner for me. Had cooked vegetables(in a pinch of salt) for lunch.
Drinking water and water. For dinner had the same . Felt like a hard core veg.

Wednesday was the day for fruits and vegetables. but did the scale first. it shows 75.5!
ho! weigh 300 gms more.. I knew it.. i knew it. i should'nt have eaten that much vegetables at one go!
Started with an apple. at office I was like bugs bunny , biting carrot.. and if someone looks at me
I would say ' Thats all my folks' , like that BB series ;)
Afternoon went to super markt , bought one tomato, one small pack of baby cucumber, one apple, one orange .
When I kept near the cash counter, this girl was looking at me.
Not sure what was in her mind. Did I gain only few coins from the tourists for one tomato and others. Or. hey , seems this guy also following the GM! ( smiles inside .. or grin.. not sure ?)

Thursday . Three days over.
Morning Weight looks pretty good. 74.2. which is like I lost more than 3.2 kgs in 3 days..
If it goes like this in another 2 months I might even disappear to thin air.

Dust to dust.
Today is the day I call Monkey-Cat day.
All I have to eat is banana and milk. End of day , My colleagues were looking at me
as if I am marketing for Chiquita! For the first time I appreciate our fore fathers..
the apes! Man , they must have a tough time ....whole life ...

No Coffee yet ! little Soup. only before dinner. One small bowl!

Friday . Fourth Day.
Weight looks like 74.5. 300gms more.. Hmm , I think I'd too much banana. No more
monkey business. Today is feast day. I can have non-veg! horray!
But then my friend called me and said , buddy u can't have meat at all.
Discussion.Googling.Debate.Points to ponder.

Was checking with all possible words with help of Larry and Sergie and lo!
This is what I found out.. there is no GM diet at all. They only makes car and trucks
and once in few years, file for bankruptcy!.No more.No less.

GM diet is urban legend. I been swimming in the whirl pool of urban legend!
This is more like a cabbage diet. Of course there is something called cabbage diet and
it is (affirmative!), made by some some cabbage wholesaler over a joint!;)
(No wonder they say have cabbage soup .Every day. Unlimited.)

I can understand turbulance work @office. but then flatulence! ;)

Anyway I looked the Non veg section of GM diet and i could see I can have a hamburger!
Bumped to Burger king ( Remember for last 5+ years never been to Burger king during office hours!) and during diet I am ! Irony got itz own heights!

No Coffee for last 4+ days.

Afternoon saw this cafe .I stood in front of it. It was the next beautiful thing to the Taj Mahal!

Saturday. I weighed 73+. lost almost 4 kgs!
Today I can have meat(lean.. not from Pisa), fish..Unlimited. Love Saturday! Fever on itz optimistic side. Had Chicken, fish.. all boiled.Vegetables.. not curry yet. The masala packet is missin my touch! Evening had a party. had to see... rather stare the wine bottles and the Biriyani.

I reprieved my self! for takin' the diet! ;)

Sunday. Last day ! I weighed still 73+. feeling good. not because I lost the weight , 'cos
today is the last day ! Had some non veg(not part of diet!), vegetables, fruits.
evening skipped the champagne. Yes. diet says I can have champagne! but skipped.

Monday morning . I knew I have a day off today. Want to try some tandoori, along with some chappathi!
GM diet. Day over . lost 4.3 kg in a week. weigh scale reads 72.9.

At 8.30 , got a call from office. Some production issue. Went there. sat behind the desk.
Was there until 4.30. no coffee. no breakfast. no lunch.
What a metaphor. The day I stopped my diet, I actually starved !

Many had asked me for this diet. Not sure whether this is pretty advisable. This diet got a list in
the Top dumbest fad diet! did'nt dig much to see the unhealthy aspects!

Subtracting the 7 days of different aspects and if u got the will and want to loose, this is one diet.
But there are many . Think 'bout it before u jump!

Had my first coffee after 9 days.
Jai hoffee!


Fidato said...

you are hilarious! cant stop laughing reading the way you described each day! :D

Sasha said...

Nice read....and motivating as well....would have enjoyed a before after comparison;)