Thursday, March 19, 2009

Foolin' lunch

Today was practically good weather. Bye to all the dark clouds.. Sun came all the way from the tropic of Capricorn ..
So was walking around the waterlooplein markt during lunch time and suddenly saw this board .. which took my attention from the blonde standing next to me !
Natuur winkel...
I always wish , how to see something really natural .. bonafide..

Every day , even though I am having healthy food ( like brn.bread and smoked salmon.. well thatz the most healthy food I can take! ) , I thought , let me try something more healthy and natural.

So went inside , shop looks so natural ! . all the people looks very healthy. I even wonder , are these people are bribed to act as they were shopping ..
acting shopping... Every one ..looking so healthy..

So i thought let me check something special .. was wandering around the supermarkt.. oh ! no ! natuur markt ..
and saw something called Meat cheaters... I know wife cheaters.. i know husband cheaters... but what the hell is this!
So had a close peek and i was very very happy. because the whole thing is written in english .. it came all the way from UK to me !
I thanked all the British saints who all made my day ! it is , it taste like meat, substitute for meat , but it is not meat..
Wo ! hoo.. I am having a David Blaine lunch ..Magic lunch!

Since I'd bought this , i thought let me be more healthy and I bought some Appel sap.. I thought let me have the healthiest sap today.
Near the counter I saw Natuur Chocolate. I said , y not .. been having the crave for choc for some days. maybe the APV content in my body is getting lower these days! ;)
So bought that too.. was hurrying back to office..
Reached and check all the greek in it .. i could understand the cholstrol level is zero , mono sat fat is low. , calories are affordable.others were blah blah ..

I did'nt tear the label.. want to show kneetu ... to make her proud , that her husband is healthy and she don't have to worry about my health until my next lunch!..

So took my bread , put three slice , of meat cheating stuff... look around my colleagues, chin up , took the first bite !
At that moment , That very moment.......I became the first Indian who went around the world in less than 8 seconds! Philleas Fogg you are Slow.. U r history buddy ! History..
I can't believe this ! Can human can make anything like this.. So to take out the taste , I opened the sap bottle. ( oh! yes, I bought a bottle! )
This time tried , half chin up... I can say , Mr.fogg you are dead this time !
Is it Apple juice or topple juice.. because I just toppled!

Usually I finish my lunch say in 15 minutes odd, with some scrapping and mailin in between. Today took more than 20 minutes just for the first two slice of bread ,
with the apple sap.. well it was not sap.. i think it was mere Apple Rap! u tend to use all the 4 letter word when having this sap !

Finally I have to throw my lunch.. which I have not done in years.. decades.. ! Our lunch break is only for 30 minutes, u can extend to 45 minutes.. But today I know with this pace it will be more than half day.
So eiither I skip my half lunch or take half day off !
Finally I opened the choc. well this time , I made sure that I was covered with my jacket , piles of paper around my key board ..
Opened as if it is a box of diamonds , took the first bite.. I checked again .. What did I bought exactly.. is it bar of chocolate or soap bar !

I realize a truth today.. I am born to eat unnatural things..
I did'nt throw the label of the meat cheaters..I mean Noby cheaters..
Nothing to do.. or against the natuur stuffs.. I am not just for it !

Now I noticed there is a picture of few animals in it....
Did I buy Animal food ? You can always cheat them .............! domestically ' n domestic

You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.- A.L

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