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My unknown friend!

An old one.. Came across while I was deleting old mails from my mail box ~ knobz
I am not posting all my responses.. 
One to Mr.Chan and another one to Mr.lee.

All.. not a blog.. but better than that !
Well u all know about the scams , which u used to get in your mail box.. claiming for couple of million dollars!! blah blah..
Sometimes when  I am bored, I used to respond that I am interested and then the fun begins!
Once I was mailing and finally I said my name is Bond! The other person was so much pissed off. that reply was worth a million !
Ok this is a guy who tells he is the director or hang seng bank in HK.
This is what I did to him..( All the maroon ones are my replies)
Pink ones are some comments from me

I got the mail first and this was my first response
The first mail

Date: Friday, August 28, 2009, 1:38 AM

From: Gallagher, Chelsea [gallagherc] <gallagherc@student.wpunj.edu>
Subject: Await Your Response.Contact;
I am mr patrick chan
Director of HS bank Hong kong,
contact for a businessdeal of 12.5m Dollars
contact email:patrickchan77@sify.com

Noby wrote on Aug 28th

Dear Patrick chan,
Are you brother of Jacky chan. he is also from Hong kong.
I am a big fan


From: patrick chan <patrickchan51@hotmail.com>
August 28, 2009
First I wish to thank you for your response.

I sincerely appreciate your interest to assist me in this transaction, however I would like to be sure of your willingness, trustworthiness and commitment to execute this project with me, I cannot afford to compromise these virtues and none of your personal information will be shared with anybody whatsoever, I have my principles.

About me and the funds: Like I said earlier, I am Mr. Patrick Chan a Director of the Hang Seng Bank LTD Hong Kong. My client Col. Ahmad Ali Moh'd Hassan, who was with the Iraqi forces and also a Merchant, made a fixed deposit with a value of 12.5m USD for 18 months with my bank. Upon maturity several notices was sent to him but we did not hear from him or any of his relatives. It was later discovered that he and his family were killed in Iraqi war with NO living witness to this fund. Now what I want to do is to place you as the next of kin to my late client since he had none and have the funds released to you for the both of us to share in the ratio 50% for me and 50% for you.

I got hold of your email through the web directories and I had decided to contact you since I needed a reliable foreigner that can help me pull the funds out of my bank as I cannot do it myself and I do not want anyone around me (family, friends and my bank) to be aware that the move is from me.

You should not have anything to worry about, as I want you to know that I have had everything planned out so that we shall come out successful. I have contacted an attorney that will prepare the necessary document that will back you up as the next of kin to Col. Ahmad Ali Mohamed Hassan, and all that is required from you at this stage is for you to provide me with your Full Names, your Age and Address so that the attorney can commence his job. The attorney will prepare the Affidavits which shall legally put you in place as next of kin, he will obtain the necessary clearances which will cover all the aspects involved in this transaction from the Hong Kong authorities including the Justice department.

What I expect from you is trust and commitment, I want this huge sum of money (Twelve Million Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars) transferred with your assistance. The fact that you are a foreigner give you the priviledge to stand in as my deceased client beneficiary and I assure you that none of his relatives will ever come for the funds. What bothers me most is that according to the laws of my country at the expiration of 4 years the funds will revert to the ownership of the Hong Kong Government if nobody applies to claim the funds. Hence, I want us to act fast and get this funds transferred in our favour and as a banker I know that if we follow up this transaction diligently it would be completed within 12 working days.

I want you to assure me that you will follow up this business seriously and as soon as I hear from you with your information, I shall give the Attorney a go-ahead to prepare the documents in your name. I shall be waiting for your response and assurance in this regard, you need to be someone whom I can rely upon, at least for absolute commitment.

I await your response.

Patrick Chan

Noby Tharian on Aug 28th

Dear Patric
Thank you for your quick reply. I really appreciate that you had chose me for this
transaction. Yes you are right, I hold actually 2 passports.and One is European
Which will makes things easier for you .

I reside in Luzern ,Switzerland. But time to time I will be travelling.
I will also introduce you to some bankers here in Luzern and also in Zurich,
which I think will make this transaction pretty more clear and straight.

Surely you can trust me in this matter. and I won't notofy this to anyone.
Since the amount is big, if the outside world comes to know it will put
both of us in danger.

Kind regards

--- On Fri, 8/28/09, patrick chan <patrickchan51@hotmail.com> wrote:
From: patrick chan <
Date: Friday, August 28, 2009, 8:56 PM

Dear Noby,

I wish to thank you once again for your genuine interest in this transaction, I am very glad to note that you are a noble, matured person whom I can rely on for your capabilities to handle this project. Like I said before,due to this issue on my hands now it became necessary for me to seek your assistance, I appreciate the fact that you are ready to assist me in executing this project,and also you will help me in investing my money in your country.

You should not have anything to worry about, I will do everything legally required to ensure that the project goes smoothly, it shall pass through all process and Laws of International Banking, you have my word. And having resolved to entrust this transaction into your hands, I want to remind you that it needs your commitment and diligent follow up. If you work seriously, the entire transaction should be over in a couple of days.

HOW IT WILL WORK: Pls note that my Attorney will prepare the necessary documents that will back you up as the Next of Kin to the late Col. Ahmad Ali Mohamed Hassan. Okay. After you have been made the next of kin, the Attorney will also file in for claims on your behalf and secure the necessary approval and a letter of probate in your favour for the move of the funds into an account that you will provide. Note; the provision of the account is all that is needed from you and this is the only part that you are required play.
Hence, for the sake of this project, I'd like to suggest, that you open an Offshore Account with a foreign bank in Europe and where we will transfer the funds into.The money would be transferred to your account which you will open with the bank. The reason is that it will protect us from my bank and your bank too, and I want us to enjoy this money in peace when we conclude. Also it will protect us from Government taxes and world monetary regulatory bodies. I advise you work with my instructions and follow them religiously. Note also, that I cannot transfer this money in my name as my bank will be aware that it is from me, this is where I need you. As a result of this you will have to open an account in the corresponding bank, I will obtain a certificate of deposit from my bank(Hang Seng Bank),it will be issued in your name and this will make you the owner of the funds. After this the money will be banked online and you can thereafter make transfers in safe bits into any of your designated account anywhere, around the world and a part be left in the Europe account till I will be able to travel to meet with you for the sharing. This is the best way I have found it.

Also, I will need you to send me a copy of any form of your identification (Driver's licence or International passport) I want to be sure that I am transacting with the correct person. I hope you will understand why I need all these, the money in question is big and I want to ensure that I know you well before I shall proceed to give you all the details to commence the project, I will also send you a copy of my international passport or my BANK ID upon the receipt of your identification.

More so at this moment I am checking on all my Offshore bank contacts  suitable to handle such funds transfer with customer privacy and rights based on experiences of top executives whom have had such funds in the past and as soon as I receive your means of identification I will send you the bank details for you to make inquiry on how you can set-up the Offshore/online account.

Ensure that you keep this project confidential, do not discuss it with anybody, because of the confidential nature of this transaction and my work.

Awaiting your kind response.

Patrick Chan

--- On Tur, 9/1/09, Noby wrote wrote:

Noby Tharian"  To: "patrick chan" <patrickchan51@hotmail.com>
Dear Patric
Good day.

Sorry for the delay. Was in Milan for a Business meeting . Also have to go to London to meet some clients.

I also spoke with my Bank Manager whom I know personally and he said he can help me in all way.
Regarding opening the offshore account , I have to figure out with my attorney. Because
I have two at the Carribeans, but thatz for my personal use .
So have to check whether I can do at the same place or somewhere in Europe.

I will get back to you about it soon.


 On Tue, 9/1/09, patrick chan <patrickchan51@hotmail.com> wrote:

Dear Noby,

Thanks for your mail and may God bless you.

For trust I attach herewith a scanned copy of my international passport and a recent family picture for your reference and I want you to do same in your next response by sending a copy of your identity. As soon as I hear from you again, I shall get back to you with the details for further procedures and the detail to contact a bank in Europe for an account opening.

Looking forward to hearing from you soonest.

Best Regards,

This time he send me an attatchment of one chinese family photo, claiming that is patrick chan. also some adobe photoshop passport copy!!

No reply from me.  I want to check  Mr.chan's patience !!

On Fri, 9/4/09, patrick chan <patrickchan51@hotmail.com> wrote:

Dear Noby,

Thanks for your mail and may God bless you..

 I want you to do same in your next response by sending a copy of your identity. As soon as I hear from you again, 
Looking forward to hearing from you soonest.

Best Regards,

on sept 6th i wrote :

Dear Patrick
Good day to you ! Again I was running around for my business . There was some business disruptions in US, mainly because of credit crisis.

Have to deal with some banks in NY.
I will be goin to the East coast for the weekend.

Tue I will be goin to Sydney and most probably I will be coming to Hong Kong.
I will be coming with my attorney . Is there anyway we can meet up in HK.
I will be staying in The Peninsula Hotel.( not sure though)
I will be there until Friday evening

Will mail in detail about my meetings in HK


P.s: Nice Family Photo

No news from him! By this time he start realizing! Check this <---------

Re: Send To Me A Copy Of Your Identity
Friday, September 11, 2009 12:23 PM

From: "Noby Tharian" To: "patrick chan" <patrickchan51@hotmail.com>

Dear Mr.Chan
How are you? Thank you for the lovely time you'd spend with me last week. As I promised I'd send you the Swiss delicacy to your address. Also I'd put a new surprise for you . It's a new product and will launch only by end 2011. As I was one of the invitee for the sample , I'd send you across the gift. Hope you will like this.

It was also nice that I'd the opportunity to meet you .. Like I said you look very different in picture than in physical.
Hope my attorney have handled you all the papers .Like you'd requested the paper, the confidential , I am not faxing you or sending you by e-mail .. My secretary is flying this weekend to HK to handle you the papers in person.

I will also take care of your visit in October. I will let you know soon about your stay.

Have a nice weekend Mr.Chan

Kind regards

No news from him! By this time he start realizing more!

From: "Noby Tharian"  To: patrickchan51@hotmail.com

Dear Patrick
Thank you for the wonderful hospitality last week end.
I arrived in London on Monday evening. Tuesday , after the meeting with Barclay's, I flew
to Geneva. My wife is very happy to see the gift by Mrs.Chan.
She also said her big thank you .

I will be flying again to the far east on the second week of November for a meet.
After that I also have a meeting in Shang Hai.
I hope I can drop to Hong kong for a weekend , then!

thanking you again
Kind regards

He stopped mailing me !!


This is an another one 

--- On Wed, 6/23/10, Ye Chin lee wrote:

From: Ye Chin lee
Subject: More information
To: "Noby Tharian" 
Date: Wednesday, June 23, 2010, 11:04 PM
Dear Noby,
I am in receipt of your email and glad you have accepted to partner with me in this, I will give you all the information you need and will actually check further if my late cleint is in any way related to you. We never know when life is about to shower us with good fortune, however we spend so much time wishing that life does. The uniqueness of your name has made it possible for us to come together and share some decent money. You see, someone close to me recently became very sick and her operation is about to be carried out. It involves a lot of money and this is not a good time in my family now so this has to be done instead of leaving this money for corrupt government officials. I will keep the name of this person until I meet you in person
In everything one does with another: there must be a meeting of minds. In Latin, its called “consensus adidem”: Without both of us seeing and assessing the situation through the same eyeball there cannot and will never be success or progress. So as we say in Chinese thoroughness is what is needed here.
I need you to obey my every instruction and do exactly as I say. You must let me direct this project for us to succeed and this is not negotiable. It is when there is no leadership and no meeting of minds that there are problems. Everything is going to be done in sequence. I will imagine that the whole process should take about 2 weeks before the money will be in your personal account.
At this time, I still have access to the files. I will be instructing a solicitor in Hong Kong to prepare all the documents in your name, this will include a legal testament backdated to reflect it was done before Mr Alfred died saying that Mr Alfred appointed you as his next of kin and beneficiary of his account in Wing Hang Bank of Hong Kong. This document is what I will include in the file and present to the senior management of my bank when I tell them about the notice from the specialist bank about the funds of Mr Alfred. The bank will meet to discuss his death and then as he has already appointed you as his next of kin in the file I will present to them, transfer of the value will be approved and then authorization given to the specialist bank to make payment to you. Please this is very important and your total commitment is what is desired.
I understand the important responsibility you are taking for this deal to be successful as without you, we cannot lay claim to the funds, hence for your involvement, I am willing we share the money 40% to you, 60% to me but you can let me know if this is not okay with you. The most important thing is for everything to happen smoothly without any problem, and that all of us can enjoy our share of this money with absolute peace of mind. This cannot be over emphasized as we all have names and families to protect.
So you are doing absolutely nothing wrong or taking any risk.
Most communication will be done via email address because I really do not understand English but I can write.If you must hear from me through the telephone, send your telephone number so that I can look for a away to call you. I do not want traces for now connecting me and you except through email.
At this stage I am sure you have plenty questions you want to ask. We are going to take this matter on a step-by-step basis. However something that I must point out to you is that there is no wrong on your part. You must understand why there must be serious confidentiality about this whole process. The specialist bank deals with high net worth individuals and giant corporations. As soon as Wing Hang Bank of Hong Kong has gone through all formalities with you, they will instruct the specialist bank to make payments to you. This will be done through an attorney as certain verifications required by law have to be done and when I have made the necessary amendments, you become the legal beneficiary.
My friend please let us be positive and show discretion as we both make one of the most fruitful steps of our lives. You can ask me whatever question you wish in your next e-mail so that we can start as soon as we can.
Thank you and God bless.
Chin Lee Ye
P.S. Let me know you received this email

My Reply

From: Noby Tharian 
Subject: Re: More information
To: "Ye Chin lee"
Date: Thursday, June 24, 2010, 11:59 AM

Dear Mr.Lee
Thank you for the quick reply. Please let me know about Alfred and I want to make sure that itz the same grand uncle of mine. Otherwise if someone comes later and claim for the money or whatsoever, we will have to log behind this .
It's actually so nice to hear that the account is in Wing Hang Bank . Dr Cheng Hon Kwan , is a very good friend of mine, in fact we had dine together only 3 weeks back in Macao.
He is a very good friend of mine. But that part leave to me. I was wondering , what a small
banking world ..isn't it Mr.Lee.

Your English is perfect and I was wondering you cannot understand it.
But let me know which language you are comfortable with. One of my business in US is
about translators. I have a company which employ like 100 multi-lingual translators.
So language wise I don't have any trouble.

Anyway I will be on my business trip for next 2 days. I will be still available on this account.
I don't know I will be goin to far east, because after my meeting , I will be going to south Africa for the football. I got the tickets for quarter to finals with the guests. I can't miss that !

Awaiting for your reply

and many more !!!!!!

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