Friday, August 6, 2010

Do you miss ...........

- sitting in front of TV at 6 in the evening when the Doordarshan logo come up after the 
  band of colors
- waiting for your friend to finish 'his' chance of 2 'rounds' of rented bicycle(shared!:)
- showing your friend your latest collection of matchbox labels
- walking in the road with your pocket radio in your ears , listening to cricket commentary 
  and when some one from India
  hits a six,(or gets a wicket).. you stop there and keep the radio almost glued to your ears
- trying to be inside the movie theater ,early, so that you don't miss any advertisements 
  and Indian news reel
- collecting Gold spot caps so that with 'x' number of certain characters , you get a prize
- turning your TV antenna to get better signals
- having hot snacks when you come from the school
- staying at home during school days because of 'so called fever'
- wearing your stainless steel Seiko watch
- opening the first fine moments of your instrument box
- smelling the White/Green Eraser from your new instrument box
- running to the ground when you hear the final school bell
- going to a party and you end up in one of the kid's room reading all the comics
- trying your dad's razor for the first time
- smoking, when two girls from your class walks towards you
- thinking that I need a job, so that I get all the money and I can do anything I want
- playing with the water on the road just after the rain stops
- waiting for your aunt coming from abroad to get 'your part of gift'
- watering the plants from the water hose and playing with its end
- doing gimmicks at the theater(inside/outside/@queue..) just to get some attention from 
  the opposite sex
- walking in front of the video camera during wedding receptions
- going out with all your friends to buy one shirt/t-shirt for someone
- running to jump overboard on the 'so called moving bus'
- bursting crackers during festive times
- waiting for the electricity to come during heavy monsoon (after the power failure)
- dreaming of that new girl who gave you a smile on the first glance
- copying the games folder from your C: drive to A: drive and keeping that floppy safe in 
  your pocket
- tracking on your VCR when those lines shows across your TV screen
- going to the shop and asking for a bottle of fountain pen ink(Chelpark/Bril)
- opening the VCR to take out the PORN VHS (because of the power failure and parents will 
  be home soooon!;))
- waiting for the weekly Magazine to come (to know what happened to Mr.X or Mrs.Y or 
  Miss.Z ;) on an on-going story!
- getting up early in the morning to see the colored Cricketers playing down under
- eating a piece of garlic or Onion before goin' to the house (after couple of shots of  
  booze  or a smoke)
- playing the cassette on the new colored Sony Walkman
- waiting for your Dad to be in a good mood,  to show your answer sheet(s)( mostly 
- rolling your notebook and keeping it in your jeans pocket and walking in style to high 
- those mathematical patterns of colorful ,plastic ear-rings.
- Celebrating new year's with couple of beer bottles with 3 or 4 of your neighborhood 
- going to the park on Sunday evenings and talk the same topic, what you'd talked for the 
  last 6 months!
- sitting in front of the car,heads up, holding the dash board,  between the driver and the 
--- and many many more missing facts!

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Yourfriendpr said...

Now I know what made you 'the knobz'! :P